Mr. President, how can we take you seriously on climate change?

President Obama yesterday opened the “GLACIER” climate change conference in Anchorage, Alaska, chastising world leaders to do more.  He said that the U.S. “recognizes our role in creating this problem and embraces our role in solving it.”

Really?  How can we take you seriously, Mr. President, when you encourage rampant illegal immigration, adding millions of carbon emitters to our population?  Do you seriously believe that there is any solution to the climate change problem that doesn’t begin with stabilizing our population?

How can an environmentalist not be dismayed by what’s going on?  In spite of all of our efforts – recycling, improving the efficiency of our homes, cars and every product we use – the environment has never been more threatened.  There is only one logical conclusion:  all of our environmental efforts are not intended to protect the environment.  Rather, they are meant to simply make more room for more people, fattening corporate bottom lines with more consumers.

Environmental leaders share as much blame as our political leaders.  They know very well that worsening overpopulation is ruining the environment, but have chosen to remain silent to avoid alienating donors.  They should all be ashamed.

Mr. President, do you want us to take you seriously on climate change?  Then prove it by taking action to stem illegal immigration and move toward stabilizing our population.

2 Responses to Mr. President, how can we take you seriously on climate change?

  1. netbacker says:

    Seriously? Is this a tongue-in-cheek sarcasm that I am too thick to get it?
    Climate change is a global phenomenon and not just limited to within the borders of the USA. So how does limiting illegal immigration into the USA help solve climate change?
    Or are you indirectly hinting “illegal” population growth all over the global and you want a “humane” solution to limiting/reducing human population.
    A better (new and improved) version of gas chambers?
    Is that it?

    • Pete Murphy says:

      No, this is not “tongue-in-cheek” sarcasm, but you don’t get it nevertheless. Population growth is by far the biggest contributor to carbon emissions over the past few decades. No one nation has any control over growth in the world’s population. Someone has to take the lead in making overpopulation an issue. Who better than the U.S. to take that lead?

      Your hysterical response to the subject of population management is a perfect example of why the environmental community won’t touch the subject. “Gas chambers?” Don’t be ridiculous. All that is needed are economic incentives, like tax incentives, to encourage people to choose slightly smaller families. (We currently use tax policy to actually encourage population growth. Simply ending this practice would be a good start.)

      U.S. immigration policy actually encourages overpopulation in other countries by acting as a relief valve. Reining in our historically high rate of immigration would force other countries to deal with their own problems instead of exporting them to the U.S.

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