Comparing Presidential Hopefuls on Immigration

December 31, 2011

The above-linked grid provided by NumbersUSA is a good snapshot of where each Republican candidate (as well as President Obama) stands on the issue of immigration – not just illegal immigration, but on reducing immigration overall, both legal and illegal.  And, if you position your mouse over each issue, you’ll get a pop-up explanation of that candidate’s statements and actions that underly the NumbersUSA rating.  It’s the best tool I’ve seen by far for comparing the candidates on immigration. 

Just to summarize, here are the overall grades given by NumbersUSA:

  1. Michelle Bachmann:  B-
  2. Mitt Romney:  C-
  3. Rick Perry:  D
  4. Rick Santorum:  D
  5. Jon Huntsman:  D-
  6. Newt Gingrich:  D-
  7. Ron Paul:  F
  8. Barack Obama:  F-

I continue to believe that Romney will be the Republican candidate.  I also believe that, if he is, he will beat Obama in a close election, due in large part to the sorry state of the economy which, I believe, is going to worsen in 2012.  At least we can look forward to an administration that will be tougher on illegal immigration. 

Many thanks to NumbersUSA for providing this grid and for their outstanding work is raising awareness of immigration’s role in driving destructive population growth and for lobbying in favor of reductions in both legal and illegal immigration.