1st Immigration Raid of Obama’s Administration

February 26, 2009


The first immigration raid of an employer under the new Obama administration took place yesterday in Bellingham, Washington.  One third of the work force at an engine remanufacturing company, a total of 28 people, mostly illegal immigrants from Mexico, were arrested.  Three were later released.  The others are awaiting decisions regarding deportation. 

Statements and actions by Janet Napolitano, Obama’s new Secretary of Homeland Security, following the raid, give me cause for concern:

The secretary of Homeland Security has ordered of a review of an immigration raid in Bellingham in which a third of the employees of an engine manufacturing shop were arrested.

Janet Napolitano said she wants to know why Tuesday’s raid took place and said immigration enforcement should be focused on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Uh, yeah, Janet.  Doesn’t this pretty much fit the bill?  Obviously, the raid was justified since it found that a full third of the company’s employees were illegals.  I hope that Ms. Napolitano is just re-stating department policy instead of condemning such actions.  Does she really want to come across as being sympathetic to illegal aliens at a time when 15% of the American work force can’t find a decent job? 

Of course, there’s always the bleeding hearts who come out in support of the criminals:

“Attacking workers, taking away the primary breadwinner, destroying a local business and leaving families torn apart is simply un-American and unjust,” said immigration advocate Pramila Jayapal with OneAmerica.

Nobody is tearing apart families here.  ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is simply enforcing the law and sending illegals home.  Their families are free to return with them.  And no one has destroyed the company.  They will find no shortage of American workers eager to take over.  (Although I’m sure some immigrant advocacy group will claim that building engines is another example of the kind of work that Americans won’t do any more.  Funny, there sure seems to be plenty of laid-off auto workers here in Michigan who would love to be doing that work.)

Napolitano would be better advised to issue strong statements of support for ICE and strong condemnations of illegal workers following such raids, unless she wants to destroy morale at Homeland Security.

Napolitano: Crack Down on Employers of Illegals

January 18, 2009


In  a Senate hearing for her confirmation as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano emphasized the need to crack down on employers of illegal aliens.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, the nominee to be Homeland Security secretary, pledged Thursday to get tougher with employers who hire illegal workers.

“You have to deal with illegal immigration from the demand side as well as the supply side,” she told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee during her confirmation hearing. The committee is expected to send her nomination to the full Senate for a vote early next week.

“You have deal with what is drawing people across the border, and that is a job,” said Napolitano, a former federal prosecutor and state attorney general

Napolitano, who signed into law Arizona’s employer-sanctions bill, didn’t elaborate on her plans for dealing with employers who hire illegal workers. Some critics of immigration reform complain that law enforcement has been lax in prosecuting those employers.

Napolitano also voiced support for continued fence-building along the border, but did express concern that a fence along the entire southern border would not be as cost effective as other more high-tech monitoring approaches. 

Although Barack Obama has been supportive of “comprehensive immigration reform” that provides a path to citizenship (in other words, amnesty for those here illegally), he has also linked it to gaining control of our border.  This may be one small piece of evidence that he intends to meet that commitment. 

Beyond that, we can only hope that the reality of the challenges he faces with several of his top priorities – cutting carbon emissions and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, not to mention reducing unemployment – can only be made that much more difficult by importing more carbon emitters, more oil consumers and more laborers to be added to an ever-growing overcapacity of labor. 

He’s a smart man and not an idealogue, two qualities necessary for an open mind that’s receptive to finding and fixing the real root cause of our nation’s problems.  So we can only hope that he will come to understand that rampant population growth, exacerbated by high rates of immigration, is simply not in our nation’s best interests.  We can be proud of our heritage as a nation built of immigrants.  But there comes a time when the process of building is complete.  Like a building made of concrete,  once complete, you don’t keep pouring concrete in through the windows just to uphold the tradition of using concrete.