Progress is a Menace!

August 17, 2009

Many thanks to my wife for providing me the above link.  This is the full-length version of the Shredded Wheat commercial that’s been airing on TV.  She saw this version the first time the commercial aired, and it seems that it was promptly cut down to a much shorter version.  So she found the web site that not only has this commercial, but a whole series of absolutely hilarious videos that build on the same “progress is a menace!” theme.  You’ve got to watch them!

But this particular commercial stands out for the way in which population growth is included in the list of topics Frank Druffel derides.  Never mind the fact that Post Cereals sanitized the commercial into a shorter version, removing all the controversial stuff.  It’s truly astounding that any company would ever produce such a commercial in the first place and then promote it on the internet.  It’s just one more tiny indication that the world is waking up to the issue of overpopulation and all of the other issues associated with it.  Kudos to Post!