The Labor Shortage Hoax

June 27, 2014

I haven’t posted much lately because it’s been a tough few weeks, with the worst re-aggravation of an old back injury that I’ve experienced in 25 years.  But I’ve finally overcome it!

The following article appeared in the most recent edition of the FAIR Immigration Report.  “FAIR” is the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a lobbying group that works for tougher enforcement of the border, deportation of illegals and lower rates of legal immigration.

The article takes on the hoax perpetrated by business lobbying groups that we need more immigration because of labor shortages (both in skilled and unskilled labor).  I can’t say it better myself, so enjoy the article:  FAIR article.

Immigration Report

December 14, 2011

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything about immigration, and I feel bad about that, given its importance to America’s economy.  I suppose I’ve been comforted by what I’ve seen going on at the state level, especially in Arizona and Alabama, but including many, many other less publicized actions that are steadily making life miserable for illegals. 

The issue is once again front and center, beginning with Republican candidates’ attempts to reassure their base that they are, in fact, tough on illegal immigration when everyone knows otherwise, based on their previous statements and track records.  I had hoped to begin posting about the Republican candidates, believing that although there’s no hope for any change in trade policy with a change in administrations, at least we’ll get someone who’s tougher on immigration.  But now I see that there’s no hope for that either.  We’ll merely trade a bleeding heart advocate of illegal immigrants for someone who talks tough on illegal immigration while boosting legal immigration channels like H1-B to satisfy their corporate benefactors.  Completely lost in the Republican debates over immigration is the root cause of the concern among voters:  immigrants taking scarce jobs from Americans.  Does anyone believe that anything is different if those immigrants are documented instead of undocumented?  Where is the broader discussion about the folly of expanding our labor force at a time when the demand for labor is growing ever more out of balance with the supply?

Then, in the last couple of days, comes the announcement from the Supreme Court that they’ll take up the Arizona immigration law.  Oh, boy.  Don’t hold your breath on this one.  My concern is not so much the Court as it is our outdated constitution, written at a time when no one could imagine the day when we’d have our own “huddled masses,” and written in terms rendered moot by 200 years of social and technological change.

But, what’s prompted me to write this post are the last two issues of the “Immigration Report,” published by FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform), an organization dedicated to restoring some common sense to immigration policy, primarily focused on efforts to eradicate illegal immigration.  These last two issues have left me shaking my head.  I want to share with you some of the headlines.

From the October issue comes the following:

  • “Treasury Department Says Illegal Aliens Collect Billions in Tax Credits.”  The article reports on data taken from tax returns that have been filed using ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Numbers) instead of social security numbers.  The vast majority of such returns are filed by illegal aliens.  Why do they file them?  Because “… 72% of tax returns filed by ITIN users claimed the ACTC (Additional Child Tax Credits)” and, if they owe no taxes, like virtually all illegal alien households, then they get $1,000 per child paid to them.  It’s one more way in which they’re robbing American citizens.  And our government is a willing accomplice.  Unbelievable.
  • A bill that would make E-Verify mandatory was passed by the House Judiciary Committee.  All 22 Republicans voted in favor.  All 13 Democrats voted against it.  (Two abstained.)
  • The California “Dream” Act was approved by the legislature, and governor Jerry Brown was expected to sign it into law.  The act makes illegal aliens eligible for taxpayer-subsidized grants, fee waivers and other financial assistance to attend public colleges and universities in California.
  • New Mexico is one of only two states (the other being Utah) which continues to give drivers’ licenses to illegals.  New Mexico’s governor is trying to change that.  But the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund sued, and a District Court Judge has issued a temporary restraining order that allows New Mexico to continue issuing drivers’ licenses to illegals.
  • President Obama’s jobs plan ignores the fact that 7 million jobs are held by illegal aliens.  Clearly, the most effective jobs plan would be to round them up and deport them. 
  • President Obama’s uncle was taken into custody by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for being in the U.S. illegally.  He had crashed his car and had a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit.  He has been sought by ICE since 1992 when he failed to comply with a deportation order.  He’s now free on bail.

From the November issue comes this:

  • Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano faced questions from both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees about the Obama adminstration’s plan to allow illegals to remain in the country through the exercise of “prosecutorial discretion,” which amounts to ignoring them, effectively granting them amnesty.
  • A federal appeals court upheld nearly all of Alabama’s immigration law.  Only two provisions were blocked:  making it a state misdemeanor for aliens to fail to carry their registration documents and the requirement for schools to collect immigration status information.
  • A recent report by the Mexican think tank BBVA Bancomer Research estimates that some 100,000 illegal aliens and dependent family members left Arizona within a year of passage of the law there, and that some 23,000 returned to Mexico during the first three months.
  • Washington D.C. “.. has adopted one of the most far-reaching illegal alien sanctuary policies in the country.”  The D.C. mayor signed an executive order that bars all city public safety agencies from inquiring about immigration status  or from cooperating with ICE unless a criminal investigation is involved.
  • In California, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved a measure barring the use of county funds to hold individuals wanted by federal authorities for immigration violations.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor reports that $7  million in federal stimulus money intended to put unemployed Oregonians back to work was instead used by contractors to pay 254 foreign workers.  The federal contractors claimed they couldn’t find American workers to fill forestry jobs. 
  • The Rhode Island Board of Governors made an “end around” the state legislature to grant in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens.  The governor praised the move. 

There’s some good news here, but plenty of other news that’s enough to make you sick.  Maybe that’s why I’ve laid off the topic for a while.  It’s been good for my blood pressure.

Seriously, though, stay involved and raise hell with your elected officials.  And challenge them as to why we continue high rates of legal immigration while unemployment is so high.  Beyond that, consider joining either FAIR and/or NumbersUSA to boost their lobbying efforts against our idiotic immigration policies.

FAIR Media Director Links Overpopulation and Surplus of Labor

May 25, 2011

I came across the above-linked op-ed piece yesterday, which appeared in “The Dan Stein Report.”  Dan Stein is president of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, of which I’m a member.  Ira Mehlman, author of this piece, is their media director. 

I bring this to your attention because it’s a rare example of someone making a direct connection between overpopulation and a growing surplus of labor.  His focus is on unskilled labor, but the fact that any such linkage is made by anyone is remarkable, since it flies in the face of economic dogma.  The world may not wait for economists to come up with the solutions.  The field of economics had better start looking into the economic relationships that are increasingly evident to the layman, or they risk becoming completely irrelevant.

Immigration Legislation Alert

September 19, 2008

I received the following from FAIR, regarding Harry Reid’s unwillingness to allow the E-Verify program to come up for a vote, and also regarding proposed legislation that would grant amnesty to illegal alien family members of servicement, even if those family members are criminals.  Contact your Senators and Congressmen to let them know that you want E-Verify passed and to express your opposition to the amnesty legislation. 

Federation for American Immigration Reform Action Alert

Congress Ignores Your Priorities

URGENT: The Senate Must Act to Pass E-Verify

The economy is ailing and many Americans are out of work, yet the
Senate leadership remains unwilling to protect American workers from
having their jobs taken by illegal aliens. With time running
out, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid remains unwilling to even bring
an E-Verify re-authorization bill to the floor. This critical
program will end in November if the Senate does not act before their
upcoming target adjournment date. The House overwhelmingly voted
407-2 to re-authorize E-Verify last month, and it’s time for the
Senate to do the same thing. However Reid – bowing to special
interests and Senator Robert Menendez’s insistence on hundreds of
thousands of cheap foreign workers – is refusing to even bring
H.R.6633 to the floor.

We understand that Senate staffers are negotiating with leadership
today regarding whether to bring the re-authorization to the
floor. Please call your Senators and Senator Reid’s office today
and tell them to bring E-Verify to the floor with no strings attached.

URGENT: Stop House Leadership from Granting Amnesty under the Guise of
Helping Our Military

The House Judiciary Committee, under the pretense of supporting our
troops, voted late Wednesday afternoon to grant amnesty to the illegal
alien family members of servicemen, even if these individuals have
committed serious crimes. H.R.6020 does not reward servicemen,
but instead grants broad amnesty to any extended family members who
may be illegal aliens. Additionally, it gives immigration judges the
discretion to waive deportation orders for those family members who
have committed a crime. Although members of the committee were
able to exclude a few serious crimes, the bill gives broad discretion
to immigration judges to waive deportation of a criminal alien.

The American Legion, which has expressed opposition to the bill,
testified in May: “This would seem to reward law breakers and –
possibly – illegal immigrants with a short cut to citizenship that is
nothing less than an official pardon for illegal acts: an

Please call your Representative today and tell them to oppose all
efforts to bring H.R.6020 to the floor.

More information about E-Verify and H.R.6020 is available on FAIR’s

Contact Your Representative

Learn More About FAIR

Join or Donate to FAIR

Immigration Alert! Contact Your Elected Officials!

September 10, 2008

I received the following alert yesterday from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform).  It seems that the House Judiciary Committee will be considering several bills designed to dramatically increase the rate of legal immigration.  I urge everyone to contact their senators and congressmen, as well as members of the judiciary committee, to let them know your opposition!

FAIR has learned from Congressional staffers that the full House
Judiciary Committee will meet this week to consider four
immigration-related bills, all of which are a gift to big business
special interests seeking to expand the number of employment-based
visas. If passed, these bills will flood our workforce with
foreign labor in a time when unemployment is rising and recently hit a
high of 6.1%.

At a time when many are looking for jobs, the House Judiciary
Committee is set to pass H.R. 5882, H.R. 6020, and H.R. 5924
– all of which will dramatically increase the stream of foreign
workers coming into the American workforce:

* H.R. 5882 would reach back to 1992 and “recapture”
employment-based and family-based visas, potentially adding over
550,000 new green cards.
* H.R. 5924 would lift the cap on employment-based visas for
nurses and physical therapists until 2011.
* H.R. 6020 would grant amnesty to illegal aliens who are family
members of armed forces personnel.

In addition, the House Judiciary Committee will be considering
H.R.5950, which details vast new immigrant detainee healthcare
requirements that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would have to implement in all of its detention centers. This unnecessary
bill – a clear tactic by illegal immigration opponents to slow law
enforcement – will only serve to add extra bureaucratic burden to

Call Members of the House Judiciary Committee today and tell them not
to bow to cheap labor interests and that you oppose each one of these

Call your Representative and tell them to oppose these special
interest efforts to flood our workforce with cheap foreign labor.

FAIR Update on Immigration Legislation

July 22, 2008

I just received the following update from FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, on current legislative activity, primarily aimed at illegal immigration. 

Legislative Update
July 21, 2008

E-Verify Reauthorization Stalled With Time Running Out

Congressional efforts to reauthorize E-Verify, the electronic work
authorization verification program, have stalled despite bipartisan
efforts of many Members to bring a bill to the floor. The program,
vital to combating the unlawful employment of illegal aliens, will
expire in November if legislation to reauthorize the bill does not
pass both the House and Senate before the fall recess. In March,
Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA), along with sixteen cosponsors,
introduced H.R.5596, which would extend the E-Verify program for a
ten-year period. Plans to bring the bill to the floor were halted
earlier this month when Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX) insisted
that language be added to the bill that could jeopardize future
funding of the operation of the program. In short, Rep. Johnson’s
language would prohibit the Social Security Administration (SSA) from
ever spending any of its own funds to implement the program. Since the
program is a joint effort of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
and SSA, this means that if DHS ever fails to enter into a
reimbursement agreement with SSA, the SSA database could not be used to verify an employee’s legal work status.
Read the full article

. . . . . . . . . .

House Homeland Security Committee Questions Chertoff on Border

On Thursday, the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing to
examine border security and ask DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff about
the department’s efforts in that area. Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS)
voiced concerns about border security in his opening statement: “DHS
has failed to develop a comprehensive strategy to guide its border
security activities.” The Chairman added, “Without a comprehensive
strategy to coordinate the Department’s efforts across components, DHS
will not be as effective as it should be.” Thompson pointed to
“out-dated,” “ill-equipped,” and “understaffed” ports of entry along
both the Southern and Northern borders as evidence substantiating his
claim. (Statement of Chairman Bennie G. Thompson, July 17, 2008)
Read the full article

. . . . . . . . . .

House Committee Examines Who Should Pay To Fingerprint Exiting Foreign

On Wednesday, the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border,
Maritime, and Global Counterterrorism examined the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), and questioned DHS’s proposed rule requiring the airlines to pay for a system to collect biometric data to verify that foreign
visitors leave the country. The VWP allows nationals of designated
countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business for
stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. VWP travelers are
enrolled in DHS’s United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator
Technology program (US VISIT) when they arrive at U.S. ports of entry.
(U.S. Department of State, Visa Waiver Program)
Read the full article

. . . . . . . . . .

House Judiciary Committee Tweaks Immigration Law’s “Widow Penalty”

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee passed by voice vote a
bill designed to eliminate what has become know as the “widow
penalty.” Under current immigration law, an immigrant spouse of a
citizen automatically faces deportation if their spouse dies less than
two years after their marriage and before the survivor’s permanent
residency application was approved. (See, 8 U.S.C. 1151(b)(2)(A)(i)).
The bill would allow a spouse in this situation to avoid deportation
by proving, “by a preponderance of the evidence that the marriage was
entered into in good faith and not solely for the purpose of obtaining
an immigration benefit.” (See, H.R. 6034)
Read the full article

. . . . . . . . . .

Recent Floor Statements
* Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) commented on The Guilty Go Free Because Our
Government Has Blundered (July 17, 2008)
* Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) commented on A Common Language (July 15,
* Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA) commented on Support Comprehensive
Immigration Reform (July 15, 2008)

Read the full article

. . . . . . . . . .

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All Immigration Amendments Stripped From Iraq Funding Bill!

May 22, 2008

Good news!  I just received this E-mail from FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform) announcing that the last of the amendments that would have boosted immigration and granted amnesty to illegals has been removed from the Iraq war funding legislation that’s currently being weighed by Congress. 

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Senate Leadership Removes Mikulski H-2B Amendment!
American People Still Have a Voice on Capitol Hill!

FAIR has received confirmation from Senate Republican Leadership that
the Mikulski H-2B Amendment was been stripped from the Iraq War
Funding Bill on the Senate floor this afternoon. Thanks to all our
members, activists, and friends who called – and kept calling – until
our voices were heard!

The H-2B amendment was added to the War Funding Bill last week by
Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) as the bill traveled through the
Senate Appropriations Committee. The amendment reinstated for
three years the returning worker exemption to the H-2B unskilled guest
worker program which expired last year. Under the exemption, an alien
who worked in the U.S. during the past three years under the H-2B
program can return to the U.S. to work without counting towards the
66,000 cap. This exemption would have led to ever-growing numbers of
unskilled H-2B guest workers entering the U.S. each
year–increasing the number by hundreds of thousands!

The amendment was not only designed to appease special corporate
interests addicted to cheap foreign labor, it defied common sense in
the face of the struggling U.S. economy which has seen tens of
thousands of workers lose their jobs over the past few months.
However, your determination to make Congress hear the will of the
American people made the difference! Thank you!

But even with this important victory, please remember that some
sources are reporting that President Bush may veto the Iraq War
Funding Bill. If that happens, another funding bill will likely come
to the Senate floor and this kind of “must-pass” bill would be an
attractive target for Senators seeking to attach special-interest

Please stay tuned to FAIR for all the latest information from Capitol

To receive more information from FAIR, click here.

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FAIR Immigration Alert!

May 18, 2008

I received the following E-mail from FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.  Amnesty amendments have been slipped into the Iraq war funding bill that comes up before the Senate this week.  Call your senator now to stop approval of this bill!  (Writing or E-mailing will be too slow to be effective.)  There’s a link at the end of the FAIR message you can use to easily obtain your senator’s phone number.

Federation for American Immigration Reform Action Alert

Amnesty Amendment Added to Iraqi War Funding Bill!
Call Your Senators Now!!

Late Thursday afternoon, the Senate Appropriations Committee attached
several immigration amendments – including an amnesty amendment – to the Iraq War Funding Bill. By doing so, members of the Senate Finance
Committee not only snuck controversial amendments into a bill that
funds our servicemen and women, but they chose to attach guest worker
amnesty provisions that the American people flatly rejected in 2007!
These amendments are designed to allow corporations to import hundreds of thousands of additional guest workers at a time when the U.S. economy is struggling.

The Iraq War Funding Bill could be on the Senate floor as early as
NEXT WEEK as Senators try to finish business before the Memorial Day
recess. FAIR is asking all members, activists, and friends to
call their Senators NOW and tell them you oppose these measures!

Two of the amendments adopted in the Senate Appropriations Committee were provisions rejected in last year’s Bush-Kennedy Amnesty Bill (S.1639). These include:

(1) The Feinstein AgJOBS Amendment. This amendment, authored by
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), grants 5-year amnesty visas to 1.35
million illegal alien agricultural workers plus their families by
granting them “emergency worker status.” The amendment also:

* Grants work authorization to beneficiaries and their spouses;
* Grants travel authorization to beneficiaries and their families;
* Otherwise treats beneficiaries as green card holders (legal
permanent residents); and
* Prohibits beneficiaries from being prosecuted for social
security fraud and related identity theft crimes.

To qualify for the amnesty program, an illegal alien must show he or
she was employed at least 150 days or earned at least $7,000.00 in the
agricultural sector in the 48 months ending December 31, 2007.
The alien will then pay a fee of $250.00 and receive an identification
card evidencing his or her legal status.

(2) The Mikulski H-2B Amendment. This amendment, authored by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), will increase the number of unskilled H-2B guest workers by reinstating the returning worker exemption for a
period of three years. This exemption (which expired last year) allows
guest workers who entered the U.S. through the H-2B guest worker
program in the previous three years to return without counting towards
the 66,000 cap. This exemption could lead to exponential growth in the
H-2B program, potentially increasing the number of unskilled H-2B
guest workers by over 200,000 in just a few years.

But the Senate Appropriations Committee didn’t stop there! It adopted
two other immigration amendments intended to appease special interests and corporations. The Murray-Gregg Amendment, authored by Senators Patty Murray (D-WA) and Judd Gregg (R-NH), increases the number of employment-based green cards available for multinational executives and so-called “high-tech” workers by “recapturing” approximately 218,000 unused visas from as far back as 1994. The Leahy Amendment, authored by Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT), extends the duration of a program that helps rich investors obtain green cards.

Please call your Senators NOW and tell them you are appalled that
these are the priorities of the United States Senate! Tell your
Senators that the only immigration legislation you want taken up in
Congress is true immigration reform legislation that restores common
sense to our system, secures our borders, and imposes tough sanctions
on employers who exploit cheap foreign labor.

To find the phone numbers of your Senators, click here.