Planet of The Humans

It’s the mission of this blog to raise awareness of the economic consequences of “overpopulation,” that is, what happens when we become so densely populated that we become incapable of gainfully employing everyone.  There are other consequences of overpopulation – environmental consequences among them.  There’s no shortage of people, however, devoted to that topic.  I’m the only one dedicated to raising alarm about the economic consequences, so I try to stick to that topic.

On the rare occasions when I’ve addressed the topic, I’ve been highly critical of environmentalists, like in this post.  The environmental movement struck a deal with the devil decades ago when it agreed to turn a blind eye to the problems of population growth and the notion of “sustainable development” (an oxymoron) in exchange for corporations’ embrace of simpler issues like air and water pollution controls.

The above-linked article is perhaps the first example I’ve seen of a life-long environmentalist who is finally opening his eyes to the fact that the environmental movement has been a colossal failure, and that reining in population growth and “sustainable development” is this planet’s only hope.  The documentary film that’s the subject of the article, directed and narrated by environmentalist Jeff Gibbs, can be watched for free on youtube.  Here’s the link:  It’s a great film and I encourage you to watch.

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