2017 Predictions

I just posted my annual predictions for 2017.  I usually do this in November but, in the wake of the election, I decided to wait and see whether Trump would provide any clues as to how his presidency will unfold.  He did, and the clues were pretty consistent with his campaign promises.  It’s going to be a wild year – potentially a very good one for Americans, but with some scary stuff on the horizon.  Check it out:  https://petemurphy.wordpress.com/more-good-stuff/predictions/2017-predictions/.


2 Responses to 2017 Predictions

  1. Clyde Bollinger says:

    Well thought out, and Happy New Year Pete. You are a bit more optomistic than I except for domestic construction. My son, Pete, is a construction carpenter and they are already feeling the pinch from too few available carpenters, laborers and operators. Although anecdotal at best, this indicates a looming shortage of critical people if the infrastructure plank of the platform is to be fulfilled.

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    Good observation, Clyde. Over the years, layoffs have been accompanied by “job retraining” which usually involved computer training. The trades were forgotten. It’ll be interesting to see if trade schools and apprenticeship programs begin to fill up again.

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