A Happy Day for Illegals, a Sad Day for Americans

Obama finally did it, granting amnesty to roughly 5 million illegals.  In the recent mid-term elections, Democrats were trounced by voters who, more than anything else, were incensed by the president’s amnesty plan.  He did it anyway.

So, for five million people who made a mockery of our immigration laws and made fools of those back home waiting in line to enter the U.S. legally, life has gotten much better.  But for 320 million Americans, life just got incrementally worse.  More competition for their jobs.  More downward pressure on wages.  More crowding, more traffic, more burden on the public school systems that are already short on funding.  The economy is incrementally worse.  In general, the quality of life for Americans has just declined.  Like polls have been telling us, America is on the wrong track – toward a dead end.  And immigration is the engine that’s driving us there.

Republicans are indignant about the president breaking our laws and failing to uphold the constitution, or so they say.  What they’re really indignant about is that the president beat them to the punch on pandering to the Hispanic vote.  Neither party is any better than the other when it comes to immigration.  Both parties have two constituencies to deal with.  Both parties have the voters to contend with, voters who are pretty much split on the issue.  But the Democrats have big labor on their side, and big labor loves the influx of unskilled labor that illegal immigration brings, which translates into potential growth in their membership.

Republicans, on the other hand, are in the pockets of big business, who loves the huge influx of skilled workers that H1B visa immigrants bring, keeping downward pressure on wages.  So, with Republicans you get posturing (and maybe a little more border enforcement) on the illegal immigration issue, but a huge influx of legal immigrants.  With Democrats you a huge influx of illegals, each wave attracted by the amnesty granted to the previous.  They all know that U.S. immigration laws are practically meaningless.

But, if you’re out of work and find yourself competing with immigrants for a job, does it really matter to you whether they have green cards or not?  You’re out of a job just the same.

It’s pointless to be angry with one party or the other.  Our anger needs to be directed toward economists and their idiotic reliance on population growth to stoke macroeconomic growth, a strategy that is ultimately doomed to failure.  If population growth is such an economic cure-all, then Japan, a nation ten times as densely populated as the U.S., should have an economy that’s not mired in decades of stagnation.

Nothing will change until the field of economics pulls its head from the sand and considers the full range of economic  implications of population growth.  Until then, we’ll get more of the same – presidents who hand their economic policy over to academic economists – the blind leading the blind.

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