Obama Directly Responsible for Immigration Mess

As reported in this CNN article (and virtually everywhere else this week), the southern U.S. border has been overrun by a tidal wave of unaccompanied, underage illegal immigrants.

Of the 1,200 or so crossing the Rio Grande in eastern Texas every day, up to 400 are unaccompanied children…

Prior to Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, about 8,000 unaccompanied children entered the country illegally each year.  Now the rate is 400 per day – almost 150,000 per year – and that’s just one small section of the border in Texas.  Word has gotten out in Mexico and Central America that if you’re a minor and you can make it here, then you’re here to stay and the American Dream is yours.

The Obama administration has often complained that we don’t have the resources to deport all of these illegal immigrants.  Yet it has found the resources to bus this new wave all across the southwest and to set up housing for them.  Couldn’t it much more easily simply bus them back to the border?  At that point, they’re Mexico’s problem and if Mexico doesn’t like it, it’s time to get tough with Mexico and demand that they begin enforcing their own borders.

This situation is an outrage and the vast majority of the American people are absolutely fed up.  The media is also widely reporting the defeat of Republican Eric Cantor this morning, and his support for immigration “reform” and amnesty is being cited as the major reason why.  All congressmen and senators should sit up and take note.

This isn’t a rant against immigration, it’s a rant against a breakdown in common sense that fuels population growth at a time when that’s the very last thing that this country needs.  Of the approximately 18 million people added to our ranks in the last seven years (almost all of it through immigration), not a single one has found employment.  (The employment level is the same as it was seven years ago.)  But all are exacerbating our dependence on foreign oil, our challenge to reduce carbon emissions and our growing dependence on safety net programs to feed and house a growing population living in poverty.

Good riddance, Eric Cantor.  Too bad we have to wait three years before a similar change in president.



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