Obama Administration Issues Dire Warning about Climate Change


I just couldn’t let this story pass without a brief comment.  The Obama administration yesterday issued an 800 page report that contains dire warnings about the effects of climate change that are happening right now.  (A link to the story is provided above.)  President Obama urges action to prevent the worst of the effects.

This begs the question:  if the Obama administration is sincere about this, wouldn’t it make sense to take the one action (which it could do immediately with the stroke of the executive pen)  that would do more to slow U.S. carbon emissions than anything else – stop importing a million new carbon emitters each year?  It’s hard to take the president seriously if he isn’t willing to curtail immigration and stop supporting global population growth by using the United States as a relief valve.

Of course, his response (and economists would support him) would be that we can do both – grow our population and stop greenhouse gas emissions if only we do this, that and a bunch of other things that will never get done.  It’s kind of like economists’ position that population growth increases the chances that a genius will be born who can solve our problems.

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