“It’s not a matter of race, but of space.”


If you haven’t heard, Swiss  voters recently voted in favor of putting strict curbs on immigration.  The above-linked opinion piece from Reuters begins with a good summary of what has taken place in Switzerland – a true democracy where the voters actually have a direct say over how their country is run.  It seems that the people of Switzerland – a land more densley populated than China where a quarter of the population are immigrants (much like the U.S.) – are increasingly concerned about rising unemployment and the downward pressure on wages.

But I was especially intrigued by the response from the leader of the UK’s Independence Party who said that the Swiss opposition to immigration is “not a matter of race but of space.”  It’s heartening to see that there are others out there who “get it” when it comes to immigration – that the real problem is overpopulation and the erosion of the economy that accompanies it. 

It’s also interesting to read readers’ comments on stories about immigration.  They seem to run opposed to immigration by about a 3-1 margin.  Yet, if our own politicians and media are to be believed, virtually everyone in the U.S. is clamoring for more immigration.  It’s simply not true.  The American people are just as fed up with the effects of immigration-driven population growth as are the Swiss.  Sadly, we don’t have the same ability to do anything about it.

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