Obama’s Immigration Debacle


Did you see Obama’s speech on immigration yesterday? If not, check out the video included in the above-linked Reuters article. His neatly planned event, complete with a backdrop of young immigrants designed to tug at our heartstrings, suddenly devolved into a disgusting spectacle in which his human props exposed themselves as more worthy of scorn than our sympathy.

In the wake of the Obamacare debacle that left Americans doubting his veracity and his commitment to helping the middle class, and the nuclear deal with Iran that further exposed his weakness in dealing with foreign affairs, he didn’t really need for Americans to find another reason to dislike and mistrust him more, but that’s exactly what he got when his backdrop of immigrants – many here illegally, no doubt – began lecturing him, shouting him down and demanding a halt to deportations of illegals. And he really didn’t need a reason for immigration fence-sitters in Congress to be swayed to the opposition, but that’s exactly what he got.  Then, as if to drive home just how soft he is on illegal immigration, he stopped secret service agents from evicting the unruly illegals and let them stay, trying to reason with them.

His backdrop of immigrants turned on him and exposed themselves to be nothing more than a bunch of squatters acting as though they have some sort of squatters’ rights that supercede our laws. (Reports this morning confirm that the immigrant who led the shouts against the president is, in fact, an illegal attending UC Berkley.)  It left the American people feeling like the victimized neighbors of a house where unruly squatters shout complaints as the sherriff shows up to evict them, only to be met by some bleeding heart ACLU attorney who takes up their side. It was truly a pathetic spectacle.

No doubt, the phone calls and E-mails are pouring into congressmen’s offices this morning to emphasize once again Americans’ opposition to illegal immigration and any attempts by the president to grant them amnesty. That’s the only good that comes out of this debacle.

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