2013 Predictions

I’ve just published my annual predictions for 2013.  There’s a link on the right hand side of the blog.  Here’s another:  https://petemurphy.wordpress.com/more-good-stuff/predictions/2013-predictions/.

It’s shaping up to be another economically gloomy year, thanks to the effects of our worsening population density and free trade with badly overpopulated nations.  However, the willingness of central banks around the world to prop up sagging economies with unlimited infusions of monetary easing mucks up the picture and, at least temporarily, mutes the effects. 

Take a look and we’ll have some fun seeing who is right – me or the economists who always default to predictions of quickening economic growth coming to the rescue of our deteriorating fiscal condition.

One Response to 2013 Predictions

  1. ClydeB says:

    Not a very encouraging prospect, but I suspect you are on target.
    Nothing I’ve seen leads me to a better looking picture.
    We can hope.

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