A Huge Day in the Fight Against Illegal Immigration


I only have a couple of minutes, but just wanted to note and celebrate what seems to be a huge blow struck against illegal immigration on Wednesday, when the Arizona law intended to root illegal immigrants out of that state finally got its hearing before the supreme court.  Though the court won’t rule until June, there appeared to be a lot of support for the Arizona law among the justices and outright disdain for the administration’s opposition to that law.  One justice remarked to the Obama administration’s prosecutor, “it doesn’t seem that you even want to know who may be here illegally or not.”  Another questioned how a sovereign state is to maintain its sovereignty if not allowed to identify and expel those who are there illegally.  Even justice Sonia Sotomayor commented, in response to a line of argument that the law would lead to racial profiling, “you can see that that argument isn’t playing well here.”  “Why don’t you move on and try to come up with something else?”

Several other similar state laws have been in limbo, awaiting the outcome of this case.  Clearly, come June, a veritable army of state and local law enforcement officers are going to be unleashed on illegal immigrants.  This may be the biggest victory in the fight against illegal immigration that I’ve ever seen.


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