2012 Predictions

I just want to draw your attention to my new predictions for the coming year, which I’ve made every year in November since starting this blog in 2008.  See the “2012 predictions” link on the right side of this page. 

Unlike most economists who see the economy improving incrementally in 2012, applying their “time heals all wounds” philosophy to the economy, I see a bad year ahead – potentially very bad.  There are far too many economic, financial and political headwinds blowing hard on the economy without even a hint of a tailwind anywhere in sight. 

The longer that economists fail to recognize the role of ever-worsening overpopulation in driving down per capita consumption, driving up unemployment and poverty and exacerbating the global trade imbalances that threaten to collapse the world’s financial system, the worse things are going to get.  Sadly, I see no hope of this changing in 2012.


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