Obama Pays Fisker to Build Electric Cars in Finland


Did you see this story on “Good Morning America” this morning?  Unbelievable!  It seems the Obama administration gave a half billion dollars to a company named Fisker to develop and produce an electric car in the U.S.  (As though Chevy, Ford and Chrysler weren’t capable.)  So what happens?  Fisker is producing it in Finland!  They complain that they can’t find a “contract manufacturer” in the U.S. capable of building the car.  And that’s true.  No one “contract manufactures” cars in the U.S.  Every auto company builds their own cars.  Fisker and the Obama administration both knew this very well before they agreed to this deal. 

So, now, in essence, the Obama adminstration is plundering the U.S. Treasury to pay a foreign entity to worsen our trade deficit.  Is this not an impeachable offense?  If not, it should be.  There needs to be an investigation. 

The world is awash in auto manufacturing capacity, and the capacity to develop electric vehicles.  There was absolutely no reason to pay someone to do this, unless there was some kind of payola or political favors going on. 

One of Fisker’s biggest financial supporters, records show, is the California venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The firm financially supports numerous green-tech firms, records show.

Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr, a California billionaire who made a fortune investing in Google, hosted President Obama at a February dinner for high-tech executives at his secluded estate south of San Francisco. Doerr and Kleiner Perkins executives have contributed more than $1 million to federal political causes and campaigns over the last two decades, primarily supporting Democrats. Doerr serves on Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Doerr has not replied to interview requests since March.

Former Vice President Al Gore is another Kleiner Perkins senior partner. Gore could not be reached for comment.

The Obama administration has consistently aided foreign firms in getting a foothold in the American market, their support for Fiat’s take-over of Chrysler being a prime example.  Instead of helping American workers, President Obama has done just the opposite.  He’s opened our border to Mexican trucks, gave tacit approval to new Mexican tariffs on American goods, stands silent as Japanese companies continue to dump products on the American market and sides with Republicans in their efforts to thwart any moves against China. 

Is U.S. trade policy any smarter since Obama took office?  You be the judge.

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