If I Were President …

Now that the 2012 presidential campaign is heating up, it’s easy to get all excited by the rhetoric and to get sucked into the hope that what the incumbent president or his Republican (or independent?) rivals are offering will actually make a difference in putting the nation back on track.  They won’t.  None have the vision or courage for the dramatic overhaul that’s required.  All they offer is another four years of a care-taker president, tinkering at the margins with inconsequential measures aimed at creating the illusion of progress while the nation sinks further into decline.

To provide some contrast and perspective, I’ve added a new page to this site (see the list of “pages” at the right) titled “If I Were President …”  These are the kind of bold actions needed to get our economy turned around.  But, alas, it’s just a fun, academic exercise, since I’m not an idle billionaire with adoring throngs of unemployed campaign managers.  Of course, if there are about 100 million out there willing to donate ten bucks apiece, maybe I’ll consider it.  Otherwise, if there are any out there who fit that description (idle billionaires) who would like to make a real difference, you’re welcome to pick up the torch.

So, read and enjoy and imagine what our nation could be like.  Let me know what you think.

10 Responses to If I Were President …

  1. ClydeB says:

    Let’s see.
    I’ll need a large yard sign, two bumper stickers, some handout fliers and the address for my campaign contribution.
    That is the most sensible platform yet.

    Looks to me like you’ve been thinking again. When will the “real” politicians catch on?

    The “free trade and growth” mantra seems to be all any of them know and I’d bet a pretty penny that they do not even understand what that means.

  2. ClydeB says:

    A recent Krugman piece suggests that he recognizes the damage caused by the trade deficits but places the blame on the currency valuation farce.

    • Pete Murphy says:

      It will be interesting to see how the effort in Congress to brand China a “currency manipulator” plays out, not that it will have any impact on the trade imbalance. My prediction is that if they are labeled as such (a real long shot, in my opinion), China will let the yuan float instead of starting a trade war. They’re not that stupid. Like Japan, they’ll simply hold the line on price and absorb the losses.

    • Pete Murphy says:

      As well they should. My predictions for 2012 will be coming out next month at this time, but here’s a preview: Obama’s chances of re-election are virtually zero. The economy will be in even worse shape by the election. This “Occupy Wall Street” movement is going to gain traction and there will practically be pitchforks in the streets by the election. Yet, Democrats may gain some seats from Republicans who came across as obstructionist. In general, it’s going to be a “throw the bums out” kind of election, and Obama is the head bum.

    • Pete Murphy says:

      Thanks for sending this, Ken. I have to admit that I haven’t even heard of Roemer before. A Republican who advocates a return to tariffs and getting tough on illegal immigration? I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find either postion among any of the Republican candidates. Most of what I’ve heard from them hasn’t excited me, even though I’ve pretty much made up my mind to vote for whoever opposes Obama. It’s beginning to appear that I’ll have to hold my nose and vote for Romney. (Perry downright scares me.) But now I think that Roemer is someone we need to pay attention to. He’s a long shot, but maybe bold moves like endorsing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement will get him some traction. I hope so. I’ll be curious to see if this gets any national attention on the news tonight.

  3. ClydeB says:

    Roemer for VP on your ticket?

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