Are Candidates “China-Bashing Xenophobes?”

Thought you’d be interested in the above-linked commentary by James Pethokoukis that appeared on Reuters yesterday, and the comment I submitted in response.  (Scroll down a few comments that follow the article.)  Also, I found the general tone of the vast majority of responses encouraging.

2 Responses to Are Candidates “China-Bashing Xenophobes?”

  1. ClydeB says:

    Well done, Pete.

    It appears that the short attention span of these so called journalists prevents them from any sort of in-depth thinking or investigation. Of course, the object of this piece was to bash the politicians rather than the policies.
    When will someone else see the light and realize that the problem with China goes much deeper than currency valuation?
    Do keep shining your light.

    • Pete Murphy says:

      I just saw tonight the “ugly Chinese professor” ad referenced in this commentary. Though I don’t necessarily agree with the premise of the ad – that it’s wasteful spending that collapsed the U.S. – I really loved the ad. It’s extremely well done and powerful. The spectacle of Chinese laughing and gloating about the collapse of America should really shake up anyone who sees it.

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