Obama Sides with Illegal Aliens, against Americans



There’s not much I can add to the news about Obama’s decision to sue Arizona over its new immigration law but to express my thorough disappointment and disgust with President Obama.  His broken promises on fixing our trade problem and his benign neglect of immigration enforcement were bad enough.  But now he’s gone a step further, siding with illegal immigrants and actively taking up their cause against the wishes and best interests of Arizonans and, indeed, all Americans. 

But a couple of lines in this Reuters article (link provided above) are worthy of comment:

The Justice Department acknowledged that Arizona legislators had “legitimate concerns” about illegal immigration but noted that the U.S. Constitution gave the federal government sole authority over immigration matters.

But the Justice Department didn’t note that the federal government has chosen to abdicate such authority, did it? 

The Obama administration warned in the lawsuit that other states were considering similar immigration measures which would result in “further and significant damage” to U.S. relations with countries like Mexico, which last month joined a lawsuit seeking to derail the Arizona law.

Mexico‘s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday expressed “satisfaction” at the Obama administration’s move to challenge the state law.

This is something that becomes more evident with each passing meeting between Obama and foreign leaders:  he’s far more interested in pandering to and placating foreign leaders than he is in taking tough stances that are in the interest of the American people he’s supposed to represent.

This move is calculated by Obama to help Democratic candidates in the fall election with the Hispanic voting bloc, a move likely to back-fire.  It’s already having the opposite effect, boosting Republican candidates.  In the following article about the Pennsylvania governor’s race, immigration is cited as a key reason for the significant lead by the Republican candidate.


Given Obama’s failure to right the economy, his broken promises and his consistently siding with global interests over the interests of the American people, and assuming Republicans can muster up a candidate with appeal that goes beyond the deep south, Obama is looking more and more like a one-term cast-off.  I’m sure Jimmy Carter will appreciate having someone take over his role at the bottom of presidential rankings.

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