Update on February 3rd Announcement

As a follow-up to my announcement on February 3rd that I would be cutting back on my blogging activities here in order to focus on the writing of an article for submission to economics journals, I wanted to let you know that I’ve finished that effort and recently submitted an article to a respected economics journal. 

Only time will tell if this effort will bear fruit.  Though the vast majority of the articles that appear in these journals are written by academic economists, they do accept articles from beyond the academic community and the process of review of submissions is completely “blind.”  The title page, containing information about the author, is submitted separately and the main document is devoid of anything that identifies the author.  (This is a requirement of the submission process.)  I’m told that the process of review can take several months.  In the meantime, I’m not able to post a copy of the article because the journal had to be granted the copyright.  I won’t divulge the title of the article or the journal to which it was submitted in order to help protect my anonymity from reviewers who may do some googling in an effort to identify the source. 

If rejected by this particular journal, I will then be free to submit it to another. 

The article contained some of the same data presented in my book, but some new research as well that further bolsters the case for the relationship between population density and per capita consumption. 

A lot of additional work may be required, since I understand that it’s common for reviewers to suggest improvements to an article before publication.   But, for now, the lion’s share of the work is done and I’m back to posting and commenting on a more frequent basis.

3 Responses to Update on February 3rd Announcement

  1. Peter Lehmann says:

    I’d be interested to know how that turned out.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Pete Murphy says:

      As I expected, that submission was rejected. Comments by the reviewers were interesting. One reviewer simply dismissed the whole theory and paper. The other provided thoughtful comment but, in each case, the comments were very defensive of traditional economic theories or showed a failure to grasp the whole concept. I haven’t yet submitted to another journal (I’ve just been too busy) but still plan to do so.

  2. Peter Lehmann says:

    Three years later… Can you offer an update on the update?
    Assuming you got more rejections, will you eventually publish the attempt at a “journalese-fied” version of the trade-and-population thesis and argument? Or did you did so already (I missed a few months worth of posts)?
    Again, thanks in advance.

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