513 Million Americans by 2123

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my quarterly chart of the U.S. population growth rate.  Here it is.  (Source:  U.S. Census Bureau)

Quarterly US Pop Growth Rate

As you can see, the saw-tooth pattern of the growth rate, likely due to seasonal variation in immigration patterns, has (unfortunately) continued under the Obama administration. 

The good news is that the rate of population growth is slowly declining at a linear rate.  (See the trend line on the chart.)  The bad news is that the rate of decline is so slow that, if it continues at the same linear rate, the U.S. population will finally peak at just over 513 million people around the year 2123 – 113 years from now. 

This is the world our great-grandchildren will inherit – a country with two thirds more people than we have today – double the population of 1993.  There will be 111 million additional workers competing for jobs.  Unemployment will routinely be above 10%, even in the best of times.  There will be 205 million additional energy consumers.  205 million more people flocking to the parks and beaches.  205 million more commuters packing onto our roads. 

What will it feel like?  Well, imagine taking everyone who lives west of the Mississippi (including Hawaii and Alaska) and then forcing them to move east of the Mississippi.  In addition, take two thirds of the entire population of Canada and move them to the U.S. east of the Mississippi River too.  Now, imagine what life would be like if you’re someone living in the eastern U.S.  That’s exactly what life will be like for all Americans in a little over a hundred years. 

If this isn’t the kind of future you envision for your great-grandchildren, then call or write you congressmen today to express your concern about our out-of-control rate of both legal and illegal immigration.

15 Responses to 513 Million Americans by 2123

    • Pete Murphy says:

      I find these visions of human expansion into worlds beyond earth ridiculous. Those who advocate such a thing as an outlet for overpopulation haven’t taken the time to consider what would be required. It would take 1,000 spacecraft carrying 100 passengers every day. And where would they go? No place in our solar system is habitable. The next closest solar system is four light years away. Even if the space craft could travel at one half the speed of light, it would be twelve years before we even got word that the first one reached its destination, by which time we’d have launched 4,380,000 space craft carrying over 400 million people on a wing and prayer.

      At the same time, the social burden of dealing with worsening overpopulation and unemployment has forced the U.S. to completely end manned spaceflight by NASA when the last shuttle mission returns to earth later this year.

      It’s time to stop silly daydreaming and get serious about the problem of overpopulation.

  1. hungry4food says:

    heres some good stuff for ya to ponder ;

    copy and paste this ;


  2. hungry4food says:

    here is another brother from another mother ‘

    http://zombietime.com/john_holdren/ Science czar John Holdren Recommends population controls

  3. hungry4food says:

    with Gresham’s Law of the 14th Century at play here allowing different valued currencies to trade in the same market places , the manipulated lower valued currency will always end up consolidation the durable wealth a market . This is crucial to what happened over the last 15 years of unbridled currency manipulation by China . Read this link ; http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Gresham%27s-law

  4. hungry4food says:

    The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses
    By Robert E. Scott,
    February 1, 2000

    Ross Perot said this would happen in 1991 ; http://www.thenation.com/doc/20011231/greider

  5. hungry4food says:

    but when you read this study , and the predictions laid out in it , consolidation of the wealth was all by design for this plan to bring population controls in to action , under the Club of Rome policy ;
    NSSM200 Kissinger said in 2004 it was still a active policy , see this link ;

  6. hungry4food says:

    heres a interesting link to a theory about the way the wealth of the USA retail sector is being consolidated and confiscated for the fundamental change we elected lats year .

  7. hungry4food says:

    I bet some of those offshore enablers are in this list ; http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/19/us/politics/w19clinton.html

    and heres the way they are extracting capital to fund their backdoor enterprises that continue to vucume US retail capital out of the country , like priming the pump ;

    • Pete Murphy says:

      hungry4food, Ok, enough with the links. I’d like to hear how you feel about the subject of overpopulation.

      • hungry4food says:

        according to Paul Ehrlich in page 2 of this link ; copy and paste this ; he says that the USA needs to first become a model of population control that can then be a model for the rest of the world , but I would argue that the USA is already a good model because we are at 2 million @ year minus Illegal immigration which doubles the census of US citizens population growth , that is projected to go negative in the next decade because of the Baby Boomer era reaching retirement and with that and increase rate of passage of the overall population will result in the negative population growth coupled with the lower birth rates among yourg groups in the society .
        So all this population explosion talk is 3rd world related and the need for a control of USA growth is without substance other than using the retoric of climate change as the motivator in the whole scheme of things .
        Its time the USA were doing more of their own production of needs instead of importing everything and just trying to be an assembler . We would have Full Employment if we produced every nut and bolt and mined the resources to make the parts that we need to assemble the fished durable goods we consume for quality of life standards , and if there were any excess from this production I would think exporting should be determined by its etraction of quality rather than who was able to produce it the cheapest , which when you trade with a country that manipulates its currency you will have a hard time competing with that single factor in determining where to get your goods produced . It did not work for England in the 14th Century , as Gresham’s law of the 14th Century points out , and it is not working for the USA today .


      • Pete Murphy says:

        hungry, I agree with your comments in the last paragraph regarding trade. But I encourage you to read more on this site (or even buy my book) to understand the role that population density disparities play in driving our trade imbalance, and why it will be impossible to restore a balance of trade without the use of tariffs to correct for that disparity.

        However, you’re wrong to dismiss the overpopulation problem in the U.S. as primarily an illegal immigration problem and as something that will go away in a few years when the baby boom bubble starts to die out. The U.N. ranks the U.S. with eight third world countries – India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethiopia and China – as accounting for fully half of the world’s population growth by 2050. Approximately half of this population growth is due to our high rate of legalimmigration, and the rest is due to growth in the native population. The subject of this post was no joke; the U.S. population is on track to explode to over 500,000 early in the next century.

  8. hungry4food says:

    we need to rebuild the Mom and Pop wholesale retail and manufacturing sectors of our economic wealth redistribution fundamentals that were in place before the 1994-5 WTO free Trade agreement that opened the door for retail giants to relocate production of durables out of the USA and EU because of a country like China who continued to manipulate their currency to keep this suction on production , which should have shown considerable increases in currency values over this 15 year period because of the massive relocation of durable production that relocated to and around ASIA .

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