Party Leader Vows to Slash Immigration

But don’t get too excited!  Unfortunately for the U.S., it’s David Cameron, leader of the Tory party in Britain.  (See the above link.)

Britain is the third most densely populated nation on the European continent (well, close to the continent, anyway) – 7.5 times more densely populated than the U.S.  And relative to the size of the U.S., its immigration policy results in a net increase in population each year that’s about the same as the U.S.  And the majority of the British are sick of it.  They’re sick of the demand it places on their social programs.  And the prospect of their population breaching 70 million (the equivalent of the U.S. population reaching 2.7 billion people) has them alarmed. 

It’s refreshing to see the government of a western nation tackling the subject of overpopulation.  Let’s hope that 2.7 billion people isn’t the population it’ll take to enlighten our own leaders.

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