Federal Reserve Balance Sheet


Ever wondered what the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet looks like?  Take a look:


You can see that the Federal Reserve pumped almost $1.2 trillion into the economy in the last year.  And it’s still growing, but at a slower rate.  Last week the balance sheet grew by $6.3 billion. 

I won’t even pretend to be able to analyze all of this.  Just thought you’d be interested.

2 Responses to Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

  1. Mark A. Hall says:

    Great Pete:

    I thought it would just say:

    I.O.U. $12,565,677,589,234,000,000,000.03

    • Pete Murphy says:

      $12.5 sextillion? Yikes! I knew it was bad, but had no idea!

      Seriously, one of the things I noticed was the volume of U.S. Treasury bonds and notes the fed has purchased. It’s no wonder that the yield on 10-year notes and 30-year bonds has stayed so low in the face of low foreign demand. I wonder how long the fed can keep this up. Forever, I suppose.

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