Go Home, Hyundai!

You’ve probably seen the Hyundai commercial with the tag line “we’re all in this together and we’ll get through it together,” suggesting they’re doing us a favor with their program that allows you to bring a car back during the first year if you lose your income. Isn’t that nice? They get the car back while avoiding the cost of the repo man. Of course, you won’t get any of your money back (didn’t mention that, did they?) and good luck avoiding hefty charges if you bring it back with a scratch.
They also like to brag that their 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty reflects the high quality of their cars when, in fact, they had to resort to that warranty program several years ago when the quality of their cars was so low that no one in their right mind would buy one without it.

We’re not “in this together,” Hyundai. Americans are “in it” in large part because of you, Korea in general and because of all overpopulated nations like yours whose economies are so stunted by over-crowding  that they’re incapable of consuming their own productive capacity. So you resort to feeding on the American market and American jobs, like tapeworms in the belly of America’s economy. You sell us 100 cars for every one that you import from us, and then act like you’re doing us a favor with your voluntary repossession program when we lose our jobs to your predatory trade practices.

I don’t often resort to such inflammatory rhetoric, Hyundai, but you drove me to it with your disingenuous “all in this together” thing, as though you’re one of us and bear no responsibility for America’s economic decline. So go home, Hyundai. We can build our own cars, thank you. And take your Kia and LG friends with you.




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