Border Enforcement Working

This linked article contains some interesting data about the success of enforcement efforts along our souther border.  Since 1993, the number of border agents has grown from 4,000 to 18,000 and 526 miles of fence have been erected.  The results are that border apprehensions are at their lowest level since 1976.  No doubt, work place enforcement is having an effect as well.  Let’s hope that the Obama administration keeps up the pressure.

2 Responses to Border Enforcement Working

  1. Pete,

    There is no doubt that adding 14,000 people to tax based government payrolls has had some impact on the border, but I suggest that the lack of employment in the U.S. is far more responsible for the drop in apprehension numbers than enforcement activity.

    If there had been strict and enforced penalties for employing illegals, the additional enforcement and associated costs would be a mute point from the start.

    As a growth mechanism, illegal immigration has been encouraged by the very government that we rely on to curtail such activity. Obama and McCain were both supporters of amnesty and other programs to encourage nearly unchecked immigration.

    However, with a failing U.S. economy, many Mexicans are voluntarily returning to Mexico which may eliminate the need for the current level of enforcement on the border.

    • Pete Murphy says:

      Good comments, Mike. No doubt, the economy’s had an effect in deterring illegal immigration, as has the ratcheting up of raids and workplace enforcement programs like E-verify.

      But it’s hard to envision the day when we can slack off on border enforcement.

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