Philippine Struggle with Overpopulation and the Catholic Church

Yesterday, in response to one of my blog posts, reader Robert commented, “The fact is that the word ‘population’ is a taboo in our society and I fear it will never be addressed by our politicians.”  I share Robert’s concerns.  But all we can do is keep plugging away at the issue.  I thought it might help to realize that the issue is certainly getting concern in other nations, even in places where it would seem most unlikely.  For  example, every day I get Google blog alerts for the keyword “overpopulation.”  And almost daily I see blog postings from the Philippines, a heavily Catholic, grossly overpopulated and desperately poor nation.  Yet, in spite of their Catholic orientation, there is a fierce debate raging there, between traditional Catholics and those more progressive, about whether and how to stem their rapidly growing problem of overpopulation.  This linked article is just a sample. 

As this debate spreads across the world, can the United States not help but take notice?  Wouldn’t an intelligent leader look at these situations and ask him/herself, “My God, do we really want the U.S. to sink to this level before we take action ourselves?”  Sure, it’s a controverial topic, one that makes social security reform look like child’s play, but it’s one that demands to be addressed even more urgently.  If it can happen in the Philippines, it can certainly happen here.


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