Oil and Gas Industry Commercial: Less Than Reassuring

I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials that have been running frequently in prime time for the last few months, the ones with the lady striding confidently across a chart of America as she proudly boasts that “we have enough oil and gas right here in America to heat 160 million homes and power 60 million cars for the next 60 years!”  Is it just me, or do you also find this to be less than reassuring?  We already have 160 million homes, and it’s growing by two million homes per year.  And we have about 150 million cars hitting the road every day, not 60 million.  So now that oil and gas will only last maybe 30 years, not 60.  Then what?  It’s not like other global reserves aren’t being gobbled up at the same rate. 

This country needs to get serious real fast about planning our energy future, and no plan can possibly succeed if it doesn’t begin with stabilizing and then reducing our population. 

Thank you, oil and gas industry, for making it crystal clear just how dire our situation is.  By the way, you’ll soon need to change the figure in your commercial to “… we have enough to last 59 years.”

4 Responses to Oil and Gas Industry Commercial: Less Than Reassuring

  1. Some believe that natural gas compression, coal liquefaction and other hydrocarbon-handling and -reformation processes will provide adequate substitutes for oil at relatively reasonable price points. Do you believe this to be incorrect?

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    Define “adequate substitutes.” They may stretch our fossil fuels a bit longer, but we’ll ultimately arrive at the same place – the point where we run out. I suspect that the “People of the Oil and Gas Industry” factored into their calculation of how long our reserves will last just about everything that would pass the “red face” test. Of course, they’re not factoring coal into the equation. Coal liquefaction may be feasible but the chemical company from which I retired dabbled in it some years ago and abandoned it. It doesn’t give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about the possibilities.

    Critical to any plan to stretch our fossil fuel resources is an immediate recognition that population growth can’t continue. We need a plan to stabilize our population and then return it to a long-term sustainable level.

  3. Ty says:

    I like the ads too. They were touted as if 60 years was a very long time. If something is not done or man kind can’t adjust fast enough. Then nature will have a nasty way of correcting the problem.

  4. Pete Murphy says:

    They’re playing to the short-sightedness of so many Americans who couldn’t care less about what happens, even to their own children and grandchildren, once they’re gone.

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