Immigration Legislation Alert

I received the following from FAIR, regarding Harry Reid’s unwillingness to allow the E-Verify program to come up for a vote, and also regarding proposed legislation that would grant amnesty to illegal alien family members of servicement, even if those family members are criminals.  Contact your Senators and Congressmen to let them know that you want E-Verify passed and to express your opposition to the amnesty legislation. 

Federation for American Immigration Reform Action Alert

Congress Ignores Your Priorities

URGENT: The Senate Must Act to Pass E-Verify

The economy is ailing and many Americans are out of work, yet the
Senate leadership remains unwilling to protect American workers from
having their jobs taken by illegal aliens. With time running
out, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid remains unwilling to even bring
an E-Verify re-authorization bill to the floor. This critical
program will end in November if the Senate does not act before their
upcoming target adjournment date. The House overwhelmingly voted
407-2 to re-authorize E-Verify last month, and it’s time for the
Senate to do the same thing. However Reid – bowing to special
interests and Senator Robert Menendez’s insistence on hundreds of
thousands of cheap foreign workers – is refusing to even bring
H.R.6633 to the floor.

We understand that Senate staffers are negotiating with leadership
today regarding whether to bring the re-authorization to the
floor. Please call your Senators and Senator Reid’s office today
and tell them to bring E-Verify to the floor with no strings attached.

URGENT: Stop House Leadership from Granting Amnesty under the Guise of
Helping Our Military

The House Judiciary Committee, under the pretense of supporting our
troops, voted late Wednesday afternoon to grant amnesty to the illegal
alien family members of servicemen, even if these individuals have
committed serious crimes. H.R.6020 does not reward servicemen,
but instead grants broad amnesty to any extended family members who
may be illegal aliens. Additionally, it gives immigration judges the
discretion to waive deportation orders for those family members who
have committed a crime. Although members of the committee were
able to exclude a few serious crimes, the bill gives broad discretion
to immigration judges to waive deportation of a criminal alien.

The American Legion, which has expressed opposition to the bill,
testified in May: “This would seem to reward law breakers and –
possibly – illegal immigrants with a short cut to citizenship that is
nothing less than an official pardon for illegal acts: an

Please call your Representative today and tell them to oppose all
efforts to bring H.R.6020 to the floor.

More information about E-Verify and H.R.6020 is available on FAIR’s

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2 Responses to Immigration Legislation Alert

  1. FJ says:

    Looking forward to your comments, if you have any, on the new ban on short-selling. I love how financial speculation in any manner is fine when the speculators are fat and happy, but as soon as things turn south for the economy based on our own mismanagement, they punish the speculators who have always just wanted to make money off of whatever economic trend was occurring at the time. So silly that it’s come to that.

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    Stay tuned, FJ. It’s coming! The scale of this bail-out has left me temporarily speechless!

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