Arkansas Colleges and Universities Can Admit Illegal Immigrants

The good news here is that Arkansas is beginning to grapple with the problem of illegal immigrants in its colleges and universities.  Arkansas’ Attorney General has come to the conclusion that there is no legal requirement for them to determine whether an applicant is in the country legally.  Maybe not, but that’s something the Arkansas legislature can easily rectify.  And I’m sure they soon will, now that Arkansas voters have found out that they’re subsidizing college educations for illegal immigrants who are bumping otherwise-qualified Arkansas kids from their rightful positions in incoming classes.  A survey has found that 2,000 enrolled at Arkansas colleges have bogus social security numbers.  Obviously, the vast majority of these are illegal immigrants. 

It’s interesting that in today’s environment, when college applicants have to prove themselves to be almost worthy of sainthood, that universities aren’t interested in the very basics – things like whether or not the applicant has proven themselves to be a criminal by entering the country illegally.  When you have to prove your qualifications by submitting grade transcripts and SAT scores, wouldn’t you think the universities would at least check the validity of the social security number provided on the application?  It’s just astounding that our institutions of higher learning can be so dumb, so gullible and so insensitive to the damage done to our nation by these invading hordes. 

To their credit, though, there are folks in Arkansas who are trying to deal with the problem:

The state’s higher education chief earlier this year sent out a letter warning schools not to offer illegal immigrants in-state tuition, unless they wanted to give the same benefits to an out-of-state student. The department began polling the state’s two- and four-year colleges and universities after that to find out their admissions practices.

Higher Education Director Jim Purcell in May said after checking a statewide database of student information that about 2,000 people enrolled at state colleges and universities attended class under dummy Social Security numbers.

It’s time for the federal government to require access to student databases of any colleges that apply for federal grant money, so that the federal government can cut off funding of any programs at any univerities where the databases are found to contain bogus SSNs.  U.S. citizens have a right to assure that their tax dollars are not put to work at universities that are benefitting illegal immigrants. 

2 Responses to Arkansas Colleges and Universities Can Admit Illegal Immigrants

  1. nextgen08 says:

    There is absolutely no reason why illegal immigrants should be allowed to take a university slot that an American could have taken. I have no problem with the children of illegals going to university in the U.S., but the actually illegals have no place in our universities. Let’s get it right. Americans first for god’s sake.
    Great article Pete. I hope to read more from you soon.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    Since current policy is that citizenship is automatically granted to children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants, then we can’t deny them admission to public colleges and universities. But I do believe that we need to end this practice of extending citizenship to them automatically. Our overpopulation problem is too great to be granting citizenship so frivolously. This would also make it easier to keep families intact by deporting entire families, and it would eliminate a whole category of people eligible to apply for citizenship. (Once the children are made citizens, then the parents are automatically eligible to apply.)

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