Immigration Bust at SoCal Bakery, Triple Homicide in Denver

The first link above will take you to a story of an ICE raid on a bakery in Palm Springs in which 51 illegals were apprehended (nearly all of which had fake identities) along with the supervisor who hired them.  (The former supervisor is still being sought.)  Another great example of ICE turning up the heat!

The second link will take you to an opposite story, where three Americans are now dead at the hands of an illegal alien, one well-known to local police in nine different jurisdictions, not one of which ever bothered to report him to ICE.  This disgraceful performance by local police is all too typical.  They see illegal immigration as a federal problem, and don’t want to “waste” local tax dollars by doing the feds’ work.  But incidents like these may begin to change their opinions.

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