Immigration Alert! Contact Your Elected Officials!

I received the following alert yesterday from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform).  It seems that the House Judiciary Committee will be considering several bills designed to dramatically increase the rate of legal immigration.  I urge everyone to contact their senators and congressmen, as well as members of the judiciary committee, to let them know your opposition!

FAIR has learned from Congressional staffers that the full House
Judiciary Committee will meet this week to consider four
immigration-related bills, all of which are a gift to big business
special interests seeking to expand the number of employment-based
visas. If passed, these bills will flood our workforce with
foreign labor in a time when unemployment is rising and recently hit a
high of 6.1%.

At a time when many are looking for jobs, the House Judiciary
Committee is set to pass H.R. 5882, H.R. 6020, and H.R. 5924
– all of which will dramatically increase the stream of foreign
workers coming into the American workforce:

* H.R. 5882 would reach back to 1992 and “recapture”
employment-based and family-based visas, potentially adding over
550,000 new green cards.
* H.R. 5924 would lift the cap on employment-based visas for
nurses and physical therapists until 2011.
* H.R. 6020 would grant amnesty to illegal aliens who are family
members of armed forces personnel.

In addition, the House Judiciary Committee will be considering
H.R.5950, which details vast new immigrant detainee healthcare
requirements that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would have to implement in all of its detention centers. This unnecessary
bill – a clear tactic by illegal immigration opponents to slow law
enforcement – will only serve to add extra bureaucratic burden to

Call Members of the House Judiciary Committee today and tell them not
to bow to cheap labor interests and that you oppose each one of these

Call your Representative and tell them to oppose these special
interest efforts to flood our workforce with cheap foreign labor.


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