Not Ready to Lead?


  1. Lawyer.
  2. Served in the Illinois state legislature.
  3. One term on Capitol Hill.

It has recently been said by many that someone with the above resume’ is clearly not ready to take over the reins of the presidency and the leadership of the free world.  History seems to prove otherwise, for the above resume’ belongs to Abraham Lincoln, the greatest president in American history, the Commander-in-Chief during the fiercest, bloodiest war in American history. 

It is not experience on Capitol Hill nor executive experience behind the desk in a governor’s office that determine greatness in a potential president.  Rather, it is intelligence, leadership, vision and core values that really matter.  These are the measures by which we need to judge our candidates.


4 Responses to Not Ready to Lead?

  1. nextgen08 says:

    Thanks Pete,
    Not enough people know this. With John McCain’s 25 plus years in the Senate, I’m sure he knows how things work, but he hasn’t lifted a finger to make the changes he says he now wants. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has been in the Senate for 2 years and has already inspired a nation. Says a lot about the candidate in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen politics

  2. bohography says:

    Inspiring a nation isn’t a qualification for President. Lincoln was actually working during his term, unlike Obama who has shown up for 140 days, the rest has been campaigning. He has done nothing, nada, zero! My opinion, Governor’s make better Presidents than Senators, but since it’s between 2 Senators, I would put my money on the more experienced Senator and Navy Commander, than I would a Freshman Senator who makes me feel all warm inside from his grand teleprompter speeches.

  3. Pete Murphy says:

    Thanks, Jerame.

    Bohography, thanks for stopping by. I respect your opinion. Regardless of which candidate we support, we should all challenge our political leaders on a couple of critical issues that get too little attention (if any) and are shrugged off on the rare occasions that someone actually asks about them.
    1. What is your plan to eliminate the trade deficit?
    2. How can we make any progress on eliminating our dependence on foreign oil or on reducing carbon emissions when, through population growth, we add oil consumers faster than we reduce the per capita consumption of oil?

  4. nextgen08 says:

    Your willingness to see both sides of the coin is what beings this indepandant back for more of your articles. You are much better than I am and keeping it “real” when it comes two these two men, and I appreciate it. I’ll be looking for more articles from you in the future.
    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

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