Monday’s Record Immigration Raid in Laurel, MS

I’m still trying to get caught up on things since returning home from the lake on Monday night.  Apparently, since my wife were on the road all day Monday, news of this record immigration raid escaped my attention until I saw a follow-up article on Tuesday.  It seems that ICE agents raided Howard Industries in Laurel, MS on Monday, rounding up 595 illegal aliens, a record haul for a workplace enforcement raid in the U.S.!  Howard Industries manufactures electrical equipment, like transformers. 

A big “thank you” and congratulations go out to Immigration and Customs Enforcement!  These raids are having some real impact.  Studies have shown a decline in the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S.  Fewer are arriving and more are leaving.  ICE, new rules requiring employers to check applicants and the bad economy are making it more difficult and unprofitable to be an illegal in the U.S.  Keep up the pressure, ICE!!

In the past, supporters of illegal immigrants have tried to justify their support by claiming that we need these workers to do the jobs that Americans don’t want.  I suppose now they’ll claim that Americans don’t want to do these high-paying manufacturing jobs building transformers any more!  It just highlights what a crock that whole argument is. 

Also, I find it interesting that this raid flew under the news radar so quickly.  In the past, such a raid has been followed for days by articles written by bleeding hearts wringing their hands over the fates of the affected families.  The following is the only such article I’ve seen:,8599,1836596,00.html?xid=feed-rss-netzero

The significance of this is that the bleeding heart stories have worn thin.  No one cares any more.  Everyone is just happy to see these criminals being apprehended and deported.  The “get tough” approach is being more widely accepted.  I think this is very good news!

Although the above article takes the bleeding heart approach, it does report on some interesting details of the raid that didn’t show up in the initial report.  Here’s my favorite:

One worker caught in Monday’s sweep at the plant said fellow workers applauded as immigrants were taken into custody. Federal officials said a tip from a union member prompted them to start investigating several years ago.

And the article closes with this:

Gov. Haley Barbour recently signed a law requiring Mississippi employers to use a U.S. Homeland Security system to check new workers’ immigration status.

Under the law, a company found guilty of employing illegal immigrants could lose public contracts for three years and the right to do business in Mississippi for a year.

The law also makes it a felony for an illegal immigrant to accept a job in Mississippi. A message was left with the district attorney’s office after hours seeking comment on whether he would use the law to bring state charges against Howard Industries or the workers.

Someone needs to make an example of one of these crooked, anti-American corporations sometime, somewhere.  Once that happens, it’ll quickly become very tough for an illegal to find a job anywhere and we’ll finally be rid of this menace. 



2 Responses to Monday’s Record Immigration Raid in Laurel, MS

  1. Penny Herring says:

    I agree with you 100%! Living in Southern AZ. I’ve seen first hand what the illegal thinking can do to a whole territory. Let the bleeding hearts talk to the families of the innocent victims killed on our highways by these people trying to get out of AZ to other parts of the country. Or, go visit our national parks that use to be for family use. Now are loaded with signs to warm about illegal smuggling!

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Penny, and providing some AZ perspective. Let’s all keep up the heat on this issue. Little by little, we’re making a difference!

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