Postville Meat-Processor Provided Illegals with Fake IDs!

This article reports that many of the illegal immigrants arrested in the raid at the Postville, Iowa meat-processor for possessing fake or stolen identification actually received the fake documents from the company’s human resources department!  It’s time to start throwing comany officials and employees – anyone who is complicit in this kind of activity – into jail and it’s time to start shutting down such companies.  And I’m talking about any and every company who does the same thing.  These people are anti-American.  If I was governor of Iowa, I’d hop in a state police cruiser and lead a convoy of troopers down there to conduct an investigation and arrest everyone involved.

4 Responses to Postville Meat-Processor Provided Illegals with Fake IDs!

  1. FJ says:

    As long as $$$$$ are the final goal for everyone (by the way, did you know that close to a third of US corporations avoided paying any taxes last year?), nothing will change. We need better goals/values in our society, or you get what you have today: no one really cares about what’s happening unless it’s happening right in their front or backyard, and only then do they act inconvenienced. That ties directly in to your argument on overpopulation: people can’t even agree on the fact that fast food is terrible for you, never mind trying to get everyone behind a nationalistic goal like “keep people who aren’t citizens out, and keep out of the business of insane countries who tell their people to breed as much as possible”.

    I love the argument, “but they’re taking jobs that you wouldn’t want anyway”. Really? Simple economics: if the element wasn’t allowed into the country to take those jobs, plenty of people would line up to do them.

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    People (all people, including Americans) will do any respectable (honest and ethical) work if the pay is decent. I’ve seen Americans crawl around in septic tanks, swing sledge hammers, climb cell phone towers, pour asphalt – you name it. And the argument that we couldn’t afford the product if they paid a decent wage just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. For example, pay a tomato picker $20 an hour instead of $5, and the price of a tomato will rise about 1-1/2 cents. Right now there’s plenty of people in Southeast Michigan who’d love to have any of these jobs.

  3. FJ says:

    Very true. I come from an Italian immigrant family and my friends do a double-take when they hear me go on about Mexican immigration. The Atlantic Ocean provided enough of a buffer for Irish & Italian immigrants to come here, settle down, etc. Sure, they were escaping bad situations in many cases, that’s why most Italian immigrants came from the southern part of the country. Mexican immigration (mostly illegal these days) is an entirely different ballgame on some levels, but the motivation is the same on the part of the US corporations and gov’t entities allowing it in waves: low labor costs, for which we all pay the price later. Difference was, even though Italians & Irish had their own versions of street gangs, most of them worked hard, assimilated into American culture, and moved to the suburbs after they made a good amount of money. And you see all these news articles questioning why that isn’t happening these days with Mexicans, like it’s some racist conspiracy to keep them out of the American Dream. It’s not, it’s a function of how they are allowed to move between borders and the drug cartels/street gangs.

    Stuff like this is happening too often:,2933,389147,00.html

  4. Pete Murphy says:

    I have nothing against Mexicans or any other group or nationality that aspires to immigrate to the U.S. My interest is stabilizing and eventually reducing the U.S. population back to its optimum level, and that’s impossible without halting illegal immigration and without slashing legal immigration to match the rate of emigration.

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