WTO: We Feel Your Pain (Not!)


Get a load of this!  The World Trade Organization (WTO), global referee of the parasites feeding on the near-lifeless corpse of the American economy, claims to support helping workers who have been hurt by globalization. 

Government schemes to help workers displaced by trade liberalization can promote public support for trade reform, the benefits of which are increasingly under question, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said.

In a report published on Tuesday, the global trade body also said such programs can be justified on fairness or efficiency grounds …

Great, the WTO is going to send us some money to fund programs to offset the negative effects of its policies!  Right?  Uh ….. no.  Basically, they’re saying that they feel our pain and that our government should do something to help us.  Run another jobs training program.  Print some more money to pay for it.  Give us your jobs.  Import some more junk from us.  We’ll use some of the money to buy more of your worthless bonds.  Then you can throw a few peanuts to the riff-raff.


WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy said few would contest the benefits that globalization had brought in terms of greater prosperity for hundreds of millions of people.

No argument here, Lame-y.  Globalization has been hugely beneficial for the grossly overpopulated parasitic economies of the world like Japan, Germany, China, Korea and a whole host of others.  It’s not hard to explain.  Just take $750 billion per year away from Americans and run through the streets of the rest of the world scattering our cash.  They love it!  They love free trade!  They love the WTO!  What’s not to love? 


The report is particularly timely given the U.S. presidential election campaign, where trade and protectionism are issues …

Leave it to those buzz-kill Americans to be a turd in the punch bowl.  The nerve of them, being unhappy at this wonderful global party!  They’re acting like they have some say-so in the matter!  What’s the matter with their free trade cheerleaders like Bush, Bernanke, Paulson and their corporate leaders?  Can’t they keep their dirty rabble in order? 


Trade opening can help fight poverty, the report notes, pointing to the growth of developed countries since World War Two and more recently in export-orientated East Asian states …

Globalization is nothing more than a welfare program, disguised as free trade and funded by draining away the wealth of the U.S.



Here’s the most outrageous statement in the whole article:

The report cited studies showing the greater availability of imported goods through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and China had boosted real incomes in the United States by 3 percent on average.

In fact, in the last three decades, real incomes in the U.S. have declined, thanks to free trade and globalization.  What kind of people can publish lies like these and live with themselves?  Is the WTO the place where sociopaths go in a vain effort to find some degree of respectability? 



Individual gains from trade may be small because they are distributed widely within a society. But losses tend to be concentrated in relatively small groups and are therefore significant for individuals, it said.

This is the kind of logic Enron used to obfuscate the fact that their profits were illusory.  “It’s too complicated for the average person to understand,” Ken Lay used to tell analysts trying to understand Enron’s business model.  In the same way, the WTO tells us that “the individual gains are small and widely distributed, so they’re hard to see.”  They’re impossible to see because they don’t exist.  We all need to recognize snake oil salesmen when we see them. 

The time has come for the U.S. to rid itself of this scum.  Get angry, Americans!  You’re being played for fools!


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