The Solution to Overpopulation: More People?

I’m on the road and don’t have a copy of Five Short Blasts in front of me, but I’m pretty sure I recall mentioning in the book about a column I saw in a major newspaper, written by a respected columnist, that suggested the solution to overpopulaton lies in maintaining a high birth rate, because that increased the chances of a genius being born who could solve the problem.

You may have thought I was joking – that no such person could possibly exist.  Well, I came across this one while blogging today.  It’s not the guy who wrote the column I was remembering, but his beliefs are the same.  He’s a father of twelve children (including three adopted).  He is criticizing a Baptist minister by the name of Oliver “Buzz” Thomas for having the courage to say that overpopulation is a problem.  While I don’t agree with Reverend Thomas that it’s “sinful” to have more than two children, he should be given credit for going against the grain and acknowleding overpopulation as a threat.  Here’s a quote:

I think if there is one thing that we have learned in an age of scientific enlightenment is that our planet’s resources are diverse and abundant. It takes creativity and hard work to tap and distribute the earth’s resources. Even though Oliver “Buzz” Thomas is saying that I am sinful and selfish by having a lot of children, imagine the fact that my children may actually work towards the solution to what he thinks is the problem through creativity and hard work.

In other words, using his twisted logic, by fathering nine children he has actually contributed to the solution to overpopulation instead of adding to the problem.  I wonder what he would say if one or more of his children arrived at the only reasonable solution, the same solution reached by millions of other children of fathers like him – that it’s time to stabilize our population?

I just want you to be aware that such people actually exist.  Be ready if you encounter one in a discussion.  Otherwise, they and others might interpret your silence and gaping jaw as an inability to fashion a reasoned response when, in fact, you’ve simply been dumbfounded by the degree of irrationality to which you’ve just been exposed.


One Response to The Solution to Overpopulation: More People?

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Creativity to solve solutions is a theory that is out there. This particular person may be hoping to raise the next Einstein. His odds of doing the latter are low (even with 20 children) but he seems to be operating by a theory.

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