Egypt’s Mubarek Calls for Action on Overpopulation

Here’s an article from the Gulf Times of Qatar detailing Egyptian President Mubarek’s concerns about the forecast for rampant, destructive population growth in his country. 

Population growth is “a major challenge for this generation and the generations to come,” Mubarak said on Egyptian state television, and a “key obstacle to our efforts for development and improving the standard of living.”

I bring this to your attention because of the significance of a growing chorus of world leaders’ voices denouncing population growth as a “major challenge” and, more significantly, as a “key obstacle to … development and improving the standard of living.”  This stands in stark contrast to the backward views of our own leaders who, somehow, still see such growth as a path to improved living standards.  But as the chorus grows louder they will have to sit up and take notice and begin to question our own policies.  Somewhere in Washington there must be people who can question the conventional “wisdom” of our lobbyists and economists and, through the application of logic, arrive at the only reasonable conclusion:  it’s time to rein in population growth. 

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