Word of U.S. Immigration Crackdown Spreading Through Central America


Here’s some really good news about illegal immigration.  ABC has found that word is spreading across Central America that anyone thinking of trying to cross the border illgally should stay home.  The first paragraph would lead you to believe that this is due to the “sagging economy,” but read on and you’ll find that it’s really due to the broad-based crackdown on illegal immigration by the federal government, states and municipalities. 

“What I want to say to all the people from El Salvador or other countries, the situation in this country is not easy. It’s very difficult and it’s not worth it to risk your life,” said day laborer Jose Manuel Munoz through a translator.

From suburban Washington to rural El Salvador, ABC 7 heard from many immigrants that they are warning their friends and relatives to not come to America. “I say to the rest, this is not a good time to come to the United States. If you are okay, over there, in El Salvador, stay there,” said Rosa Nativi.

Carlos Diaz’ sister lives in Manassas. “She has told me that a lot of people is afraid to get out of their houses, to walk in the streets, because they’re getting caught by immigration department and they’re getting deported,” he said through a translator.

“If somebody pays me one million dollars, I will never do it again. Not ever,” Diaz said.

I encourage all of you to write to your senators and congressmen, including your state representatives, and tell them to keep up the pressure and enact legislation that makes it ever more difficult for illegals to function in our society.  The efforts are paying off and having an effect.  Let’s keep it up!

3 Responses to Word of U.S. Immigration Crackdown Spreading Through Central America

  1. illegal broad says:

    I came to USA when i was 7 yrs old along with my 3 younger siblings with my mom. Before i knew I was 19 yrs old, an honors student in my highschool, and the only way for me to go to college was either to sell my body so someone can have pitty on me and marry me to make me into a citizen, or to give a registrating officer at a university a BLOW JOB.
    To make a small story short, i’m as american as an american can get, can recite the preamble and the decleration of independence, and can wear the mini shorts and walk the walk like an american girl..
    I did graduate from a university with honors bachelors, i did work at fortune 500 hundred companies and paid my taxes, and being in the country illegally for 20 yrs, now the only thing that is missing in my life is a CITIZEN SHIP, and a good MAN, a kind of man who won’t use me and rape me consistently after i trust him enough to tell him my status.
    So i ask you, I didn’t ask my parents to give me the PATHETIC life they gave me, i made the best with what i could.


  2. Pete Murphy says:

    First of all, I doubt the veracity of this story. No one who graduated from high school with honors and earned a bachelor’s degree from an American university would make the spelling and grammatical errors you made in your comment. You say you can recite the “decleration of independence,” yet can’t even spell “declaration.”

    You’ve admitted to be an illegal alien and a prostitute. You say your life here is “pathetic.” If you do have a bachelor’s degree as you claim, you should be able to take your mother and three siblings back to your homeland and make a better life there. Just contact ICE and I’m sure an agent will be happy to see you on your way.

  3. […] in the U.S. that they should stay away. It’s not a good time to try to enter the U.S. illegally.https://petemurphy.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/word-of-us-immigration-crackdown-spreading-through-centra…postdoc &amp students : science career articles on science postdocs …Should I stay or should I go? […]

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