Crackdown on Illegals in California,0,2592588.story

This story from the Los Angeles Times has good news about a roundup of over 900 illegal immigrants throughout the state of California. 

The statewide operation resulted in the arrests of more than 900 immigrants, most of whom committed crimes, ignored deportation orders or returned to the U.S. after being removed, according to federal authorities. Half of those arrested have since been deported to their native countries, authorities said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has regularly sent out “fugitive operations” teams since the program’s inception in 2003, but this was the first time all 13 teams in California had traveled the state together, said Brian DeMore, acting field office director of detention and removal operations in Los Angeles.

Great job, Brian!  Of course, there’s always the pro-illegal, anti-American whiners:

 … “This is one of the most shameful things our government is doing,” said Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. “In many instances they don’t get the people they are looking for, so one of the things they do to up their numbers is arrest bystanders.”

The “bystanders” she’s talking about are other illegal immigrants who happen to be in the area when the raid goes down.  It’s not hard to find these “bystanders.”  There’s hundreds of thousands of them in California alone. 

Advocates also say that the immigrants’ criminal records may be from decades earlier and that they are now working, paying taxes and contributing to society. Some were green card holders whose residence was revoked because of the crimes.

In other words, they are criminals, pure and simple.  As far as “paying taxes,” this reference is to sales taxes only.  You can’t pay income taxes, state or federal, without a valid SSN. 

Perhaps the best news in this article is found in the last paragraph:

There are 75 fugitive operations teams in the nation, and Congress has authorized adding 29 for fiscal year 2008-2009.

We don’t need any “immigration reform,” a euphemism for amnesty for illegals and for passing out green cards like candy at the border.  All we need is more enforcement action like this.  Lots more. 


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