All Immigration Amendments Stripped From Iraq Funding Bill!

Good news!  I just received this E-mail from FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform) announcing that the last of the amendments that would have boosted immigration and granted amnesty to illegals has been removed from the Iraq war funding legislation that’s currently being weighed by Congress. 

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Senate Leadership Removes Mikulski H-2B Amendment!
American People Still Have a Voice on Capitol Hill!

FAIR has received confirmation from Senate Republican Leadership that
the Mikulski H-2B Amendment was been stripped from the Iraq War
Funding Bill on the Senate floor this afternoon. Thanks to all our
members, activists, and friends who called – and kept calling – until
our voices were heard!

The H-2B amendment was added to the War Funding Bill last week by
Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) as the bill traveled through the
Senate Appropriations Committee. The amendment reinstated for
three years the returning worker exemption to the H-2B unskilled guest
worker program which expired last year. Under the exemption, an alien
who worked in the U.S. during the past three years under the H-2B
program can return to the U.S. to work without counting towards the
66,000 cap. This exemption would have led to ever-growing numbers of
unskilled H-2B guest workers entering the U.S. each
year–increasing the number by hundreds of thousands!

The amendment was not only designed to appease special corporate
interests addicted to cheap foreign labor, it defied common sense in
the face of the struggling U.S. economy which has seen tens of
thousands of workers lose their jobs over the past few months.
However, your determination to make Congress hear the will of the
American people made the difference! Thank you!

But even with this important victory, please remember that some
sources are reporting that President Bush may veto the Iraq War
Funding Bill. If that happens, another funding bill will likely come
to the Senate floor and this kind of “must-pass” bill would be an
attractive target for Senators seeking to attach special-interest

Please stay tuned to FAIR for all the latest information from Capitol

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