Gutierrez to China: Help Us Fend Off Protectionism Fueled by the Trade Deficit

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez is in China, explaining to the Chinese how he wants to help them sustain their trade deficit by stamping out protectionist sentiment in the U.S.

The United States and China both need to fend off a troubling rise in economic nationalism in order to keep their economies strong, U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said on Thursday.

Speaking to business groups in Beijing, Gutierrez said the large U.S. trade deficit with China was feeding into protectionist sentiment but added that steps such as trade legislation aimed at China could only be counterproductive.

Counterproductive for who?  Since China is the one with the huge trade surplus, it could only be counterproductive for them.  It would be a breath of fresh air for the American economy and American manufacturers, but Gutierrez will have none of that.  That’s not what he’s paid to do.  The Bush administration has been paid by their corporate benefactors to do nothing that will jeopardize their positions in China, so that’s exactly the mandate that Gutierrez has been given by his boss. 

“It’s no secret that the $256 billion bilateral trade deficit is a concern. It plays right into the hands of those who criticize not just free trade with China, but frankly, free trade in general,” Gutierrez said, noting some of the rhetoric surrounding the U.S. presidential election.

“Economic isolationism has proven to be a flawed strategy and we have seen time and time again that protectionism doesn’t protect anybody.”

This anti-American, blind trade cheerleader is chanting the same tired-out lies that their ilk have been repeating for decades.  Protectionism is the only trade strategy that has been proven to work for America, the strategy we used for the first 170 years of our history to build us into the world’s preeminent industrial power and the wealthiest nation on earth.  Tariffs are the only mechanism that offer any hope of protecting us from the parasitic effects of “trade” with grossly overpopulated nations, eager for their bloated labor forces to prey on our market like a plague of locusts descending upon a farmer’s crop.  Even the World Trade Organization enforces protectionism for two thirds of its member nations to protect them from the same ravages.  I’m not talking about tariffs applied indisciminately.  What we need is the tariff structure on manufactured goods, indexed to population density, that I proposed in Five Short Blasts.

He (Gutierrez) pointed to the need for better protection of intellectual property rights and greater government transparency — perennial complaints about China by U.S. firms.

Yeah, that’ll really make a big dent in the trade deficit.  This is another tactic employed by blind trade cheerleaders – try to placate the angry mob by making them think you’re trying to do something about the problem.  How many years – decades, now approaching a half century – have we been listening to talk about “intellectual property rights” and things like workers’ rights and environmental protection?  All of this is designed to fool you into thinking that hope may be just around the corner. 

The United States for its part needs to reassure China that it welcomes investment, given the protectionist signals that have been sent to Beijing through experiences such as Chinese oil firm CNOOC’s failed bid to buy Unocal in 2005, Gutierrez said.

Here it comes!  Gutierrez will be on his knees in a minute, begging the Chinese for cash to keep our skid row bum economy going. 

He noted that while U.S. companies had invested more than $22 billion in China, Chinese firms had put just $550 million into the United States, despite many now being flush with cash.

And there it is!  “Waaaah!  Please help us!  We’re out of money and you’re so rich!  It’s just not fair!  We’ve been so nice to you!  Waaaaah!  Waaaaah!”  Doesn’t it just make you sick to see this nation on its knees begging like this?   And, by the way, hasn’t Gutierrez just inadvertently debunked the myth that a trade deficit doesn’t matter because the money is simply re-invested in America by our trade “partners?”

He also officially launched the implementation of an agreement signed late last year that will allow for Chinese tour groups to travel to the United States, something he said would help trim the trade deficit while enhancing understanding.

The first group of tourists under the program is scheduled to visit the United States in mid-June, coinciding with the fourth round of the bilateral “strategic economic dialogue”, to be held in Washington.

And, of course, we can always fall back on using population growth to prop up the economy.  Let’s just have China stuff a bunch of money into people’s pockets, send them over here, and we’ll call them “tourists.”  Maybe they are; maybe they will return home.  But call them what you will, it’s just that many more people in the U.S.  Does it really matter if they have a visa or green card in their pocket?  You can always count on the federal government to turn to immigration and population growth for an economic pick-me-upper.  Just what we need, more busloads of tourists descending on our national parks, making life that much more miserable for Americans trying to enjoy what little vacation time they get. 

The sooner we rid our leaders of these traitorous stooges of global corporations, the sooner we’ll be back on the track to the kind of prosperity we once enjoyed in this country.  The direction of our economy could be turned on a dime by simply returning to the trade policies that made this country great. 


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