McCain on Wrong Side of Immigration Issue

One of the biggest “dowsides” to John McCain as a presidential candidate is his postion on immigration, which would open the flood gates to a new wave of immigration across the southern border. 

“I believe the majority of Hispanics share our view that the border must be secured, and the border must be secured first,” McCain said in Phoenix, Arizona.

Agreed.  We don’t need any more “reform.”  Just secure the border.  It’s much easier to do than what many claim and the cost is minimal compared to the cost of dealing with the effects of illegal immigration.

“But they also want us to have an attitude which I think most Americans do, that these are God’s children and they must be taken care of.”

I agree again.  But they should be taken care of in their homelands.  The U.S. simply cannot import every downtrodden person on earth to “take care of them.”  We’re no longer able to even take care of our own people.  Over 15% of our population is without health insurance.  Record numbers are being evicted from their homes.  Many others can’t afford to drive to work or to put food on the table any longer. 

I know what’s behind this “immigration reform” movement.  His corporate sponsors are paying him to support policies that will maintain labor in a state of over-supply, driving down wages. 

McCain on Monday empathized with Hispanics who have been mistreated and said low-income Hispanics are often the first to lose their jobs when someone come to the United States illegally.

What’s the difference whether they’re here legally or illegally?  Low-income Americans will lose their jobs regardless of whether or not the new immigrants have a green card in their pocket.  And to suggest that it is only “low-income Hispanics” affected is, in my opinion, racist and pandering. 

He underscored his view that those who came to the U.S. legally take priority over those who entered the country illegally, but said that still means the issue can be addressed “in a humane and compassionate fashion, understanding families, understanding all the aspects that affect the lives of all human beings.”

Agreed.  Illegal immigrants should be treated humanely during the deportation process, and that includes children born to them while in the U.S.  They have no legal right to citizenship.  Applicants for legal immigration should also be treated humanely – politely telling them “no.”

“I know the people, I know the patriotism, I know the loyalty, I know the respect for the family, the advocacy for life,” he said. “Everything about our Hispanic voters is tailor made to the Republican message.”

Agreed.  But that doesn’t mean the message or the policies he’s promoting are right for Americans.  They serve the interest of the Republican Party and their corporate benefactors interested in maintaining labor in a state of over-supply. 

McCain also pledged to attend the National Council for La Raza’s convention in July, the largest national Hispanic civil rights organization which seeks to improve opportunities for Hispanic-Americans.

I’m not sure what additional civil rights Hispanic Americans (citizens)  need that weren’t already guaranteed by the Civil Rights Act.  If these additional “rights” they seek include rights for non-citizens to immigrate, then I have a real problem with that and with McCain supporting such goals.

“My party is an inclusive party, my party reaches out to every citizen, every American who shares our views and our optimism and our belief in the principles of this great nation,” he said.

“I will make sure we go to places where I may not get the majority of their votes. But the job I have is to reunite America, to make sure that people know that I will be the president of all the people whether they vote for me or not.”

No problem.  Be a president for all Americans.  But be a president for Americans, not a benevolent world ruler who uses America for the benefit of people of other nationalities to the detriment of our own citizens.  We’ve had way, way too much of that for decades. 




2 Responses to McCain on Wrong Side of Immigration Issue

  1. Excellent article Pete,

    John McCain is a poor choice (and we have three poor choices running) as our highest leader, mainly due to his total ineptitude for economics.

    He has publically said that he doesn’t know much about economics…yet our economy is stated as the #1 concern of our citizens.

    His idea of a gas tax holiday that would save the average family $30 over a three month period, goes far in displaying his lack of even basic economic understanding.

    He recently said that he has been busy and has not checked out the internet for the last seven years…and I would add, probably the 10 years before that.

    His willingness to not only allow, but to encourage, unchecked immigration is mind boggling for those of us who spend our days pouring over economic data that suggests the exact opposite is true.

    Keep up the good writing.

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    You can’t help but wonder about a senator with as much experience as McCain who admits to not knowing much about economics. And I hadn’t heard that he hasn’t visited the internet in the last seven years. Taken together, these two facts seem indicative of a remarkable lack of curiosity! Not a trait that would serve a president well.

    Regarding his position on immigration: like most politicians, he supports whatever positions his campaign contributors pay him to support. Corporate donors pay him to support policies that will maintain labor in a state of over-supply. It’s an easy sell to a lot of voters; just wrap it in a cloak of “compassion.” I’m not saying the Democrats are any better. We can only hope that, whomever is elected, they’ll act on what’s best for the country as a whole and be willing to risk the wrath of their campaign contributors. It’s a rare leader indeed who does that.

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