Has Japan’s Population Stabilized?


Some good news for a change!  Data from Japan seems to show that their population has stabilized over the last three years.  One can only hope that Japanese government officials will stop wringing their hands over their “aging population” and realize that never-ending growth is unsustainable and a bigger threat to their economy and security than a transitory blip in the average age of their population.  And one can only hope that our own government officials will come to realize the same thing.  Hopefully, our population won’t have to increase ten-fold (to the population density of Japan’s) before we see the same result. 



2 Responses to Has Japan’s Population Stabilized?

  1. sulthanah says:

    However, I still like to have more children.

  2. petemurphy says:

    Sulthanah, first of all, thanks for stopping by!

    I agree that everyone should be free to have as many children as they like. When it comes to managing growth in the native-born population, the only figure that matters is the overall birth rate, or the overall fertility rate (births per female).

    Here in the U.S., we need to attain a fertility rate of 1.79 to reach population stability. (We’re currently at 2.1.) Who cares how many children any one person has, as long as the overall goal is met? That’s why in “Five Short Blasts” I have recommended a system of economic incentives (primarily tax incentives) designed to influence family planning decisions just enough to lower the overall birth rate.

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