Rising Food Prices


Add this article to the litany of reasons for stabilizing our population.  Already the U.S. imports more food than it exports, a sad story considering that the U.S. was once known as the “bread basket to the world.”  And the acreage of land under cultivation is steadily shrinking as it is gobbled up for development.  Just two days ago I drove through a rural area east of Indianapolis and, in spite of the collapse of housing prices and tight credit, it’s amazing to see countless new subdivisions springing up in what used to be farm land. 

The march of urban sprawl is relentless.  When will our leaders wake up to what our immigration policies and population growth are doing to us?  With each passing day, the solutions to our problems – rising unemployment, dependence on foreign oil, global warming, rising food prices and declining food quality – are just that much further out of reach. 


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