Will The Energy Bill Move Us Toward Energy Independence?

No.  See the following article about the energy bill that was approved by Congress yesterday.


Don’t get me wrong.  This legislation is badly needed to stem the growth in our dependence on foreign oil.  But consider the following:  If our average fuel economy improves from 27.5 mpg to 35 mpg by 2020, then it will have improved by 27%.  So our use of oil will decline by 27%, right?  Wrong.  If our population continues to grow at its current rate, our population will grow by 14% by 2020.  By 2029, our population will have grown by over 27%.  So, nine years after this law takes effect, we will be even more dependent on foreign oil than we are now.  And we will have made no progress at all in reducing emissions. 

Improving energy efficiency is meaningless unless we also couple it with stabilizing our population. 


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