Health Care Crisis?

There is no health care crisis. We have top-notch health care available everywhere you look. There are hospitals, clinics or medical offices at practically every major intersection. What we have is an affordability crisis – an income crisis. Wages haven’t kept pace with inflation for the past thirty years, not to mention the cost of living. (The Consumer Price Index is not a “cost of living index.”) The real problem is the falling demand for labor that our trade deficit has purchased from over-populated countries with bloated work forces desperate for work, driving down American wages. But what is the government doing? Right now, not much, except that candidates are cooking up schemes to provide government-funded health care. That funding will come from deficit spending, financed by a sell-off of American assets to foreign entities. That scheme will only work until all of our assets have been sold. At that point, the whole system will collapse around us.




One Response to Health Care Crisis?

  1. The Arthurian says:

    “There is no health care crisis… What we have is an affordability crisis…”

    You look with your own eyes. I like that.

    Hi, Pete. Came here from Reddit, to a more recent post of yours. Then, back to your earliest posts. Just skimming, but I like what I see so far. Gotta run, but I’ll be back.


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